We dig deep as your product partner

All work starts with a holistic analysis of your situation and usually ends with the hire of one or more product roles. Depending on your needs and urgency, there are 3 general options:
Product Healthcheck
< 1 week

Includes: 1-2 days on-site or remote for stakeholder interviews; review of key documents, systems & processes; Product ROI report; hiring recommendations & plan.

Product Roadmap
~ 1 month

Plus: Full analysis & opportunity planning. Assessment of Product Operations, Talent and Strategic Alignment. Multiple days on-site, including mgmt workshop with prioritized recs & execution plan

Interim Head of Product
3 - 4 months

Plus: Execute and/or administer specified areas of roadmapping output. Can include: customer journey mapping,  implementation of product mgmt platform and processes, vendor review, introduce initial KPIs, hiring, etc.

Product experts

Work with an expert to tackle your resource challenges. Our network of independent experts can help with strategy, execution, go-to-market and organizational needs.

Our expertise in building great product teams and launching successful products allows you to:

Prepare to get the most out of your new product hire

Define the role and the ideal candidate to meet your current and future needs

Attract top talent -- especially the 83% not actively looking!

Identify high trajectory, highly motivated candidates

Chris Rosenbaum photo

Chris Rosenbaum

Cofounder & Business Strategy 

Chris has long focused on unlocking the potential of people in organizations. His experience includes a variety of start-up and corporate leadership posts, many in the field of education, with more recent roles ranging from M&A work to COO of a marketing firm. Chris has an MBA and MEM from Northwestern University.

Ryan Troll photo

Ryan Troll

Cofounder & Product Strategy 

Ryan has built transformative teams throughout his career. His work has guided small businesses, large corporations, and massive non-profits, with leadership roles across customer experience, marketing, product and technology. Ryan graduated in engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Brian Dombrowski

Tech & Development

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Joseph Aamidor

Product Strategy

Kim Cerato

Product Marketing

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Uttara Vaidya

Product Management

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Recent Articles

I actually had another call with a digital recruiting consultant that was miserable by comparison. In summary, your style, approach, and phenomenal leadership skill to recruiting is spot on. Keep it up.
Product Director candidate in Virginia
"...a rare combination of vision, skills, and discipline to get your product across the finish line."
Your respect for me, my needs, and the way you sold the position made the company look more intriguing than the company appeared by themselves.
Brad G., Product Management candidate
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Content Expertise

Product Management

From quarterly planning to feature prioritization, we understand how to bring a product concept to launch.

Customer Experience

Customers must now be at the heart of every business process. User needs and feedback loops are now requirements for success.


We've worked in every function from finance to marketing, operations to product, so we can help you bring it all together.


Your whole company can rise or fall on the level of your talent. We can help you target and attract top candidates.

Design Thinking Practices

Drawing upon training and experience in design thinking and lean start-up methodologies, we can help you build empathy and deeper connection with your customers through interviews, surveys, innovation processes and experimentation.

Framework Details

Team Environment

The human factors and interactions that define the organization and determine its potential.


Culture comprises the human qualities and emotions that can allow for an honest and transparent approach to the team's mission.
Undeveloped, Growing, Stable, Strong, Empowering
Openness, Empathy, Humility


Collaboration refers to the quality and efficiency of human interactions, both internally and with external partners.
Lacking, Inefficient, Frequent, Intentional, Defining
Teamwork, Network Structure, External Collaboration, Balance


Values are the organization's collective compass, including core components such as ethics, trust, mission, respect & customer service.
Missing, Vague, Established, Enabling, Differentiating
Active Values, Trust & Empowerment

Organizational Dynamics

The ways in which the organization structures, coordinates and enables its people and resources


Structure looks at how the people are situated in an organization. It is specific to the business context, focusing on topics such as heirarchy, bandwidth and accountability.
Unstructured, Inefficient, Suitable, Strong, Excellent
Product Ownership, Organizational Alignment, Talent Inventory


Leadership is the degree to which the people at the top of the org chart fully understand the potential of product in their organization and actively enable modern product practices.
Nonexistent, Stagnant, Passive, Active, Trailblazing
Executive Understanding, Executive Support, Team Management


Resources cover the both the financial intent and capacity to fund successful product execution, and the knowledge and training necessary to enable it.
Starved, Bootstrapped, Floating, Funded, Invested
Funding, Budgeting, Training & Development


Communication encompasses the transparent, broad and continual dissemination of goals, learnings and decisions.
Counterproductive, Occasional, Regular, Healthy, Liberating
Goals, Transparency, Organizational Learning

Product Discovery & Planning

Practices that reveal market opportunities and drive the strategy of product

Customer Understanding

Customer understanding requires direct interaction with customers, using specific methods to gather both qualitative and quantiative data that will inform the entire product lifecycle.
Absent, Projected, Informed, Empathetic, Enlightened
Customer Contact, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis

Market Evaluation

Market evaluation is the process of understanding the business context of a potential customer solution. Analysis of the target market landscape and competitive dynamics are used to identify areas of opportunity.
Blind, Cursory, Defensive, Offensive, Sophisticated
Customer Segmentation, Competitive Landscape, Opportunity Identification

Business Planning

Business planning includes a wide range of critical preparatory initiatives, from metrics and pricing to packaging and content.
Minimal, Patchy, Broad, Comprehensive, Exhaustive
Business Case, Business Plan & Modeling, Product Strategy, Pricing & Packaging

Product Planning

Product planning uses customer and market research to transform ideas into blueprints for desirable, feasible and viable solutions.
Minimal, Casual, Validated, Novel, Groundbreaking
User Personas, Ideation, Product Prototyping & Validation, Product Metrics, Product Roadmap

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the oversight at an organizational level that ensures the breadth and specifics of individual products are and remain suitable for the overall vision and goals.
Siloed, Hesitant, Effective, Transparent, Powerful
Portfolio Management, Prioritization Decisions, Maintain / Sunset

Product Execution

Core processes to design, deliver and maintain the product

Development Methodology

Development methodologies can vary, but the key is using modern development stacks that are appropriate for the future of the organization and are capably supported by the engineering team.
Obsolete, Progressing, Stable, Thriving, Leading
Development Approach, Technology Framework(s), Go / No-go Commitment


Design evolves the prototype from minimum viable product through full UI/UX design, including the architecture of the entire product experience. Much of this work is critically done before engineering begins their work.
Absent, Concurrent, Planned, Synergistic, Superior
High Fidelity UI Design, Minimally Viable Product (MVP), Product Architecture


Build lays down the foundation for engineering success: the translation of customer insights and the solution concept into specific user stories, requirements and testing plans.
Lacking, Ad hoc, Adequate, Strong, Exceptional
Scenarios & User Stories, Requirements Management, Product Performance Testing, Acceptance Testing


Release covers the processes and procedures that get product out the door on-time, bug-free and at or above customer expectations.
Painful, Messy, Clean, Robust, Ideal
Integration Testing, Deliverable, Timing, Automation

Feedback Loop

Feedback loops gather information from customers, team members and external partners that can improve all aspects of product performance.
Oblivious, Aware, Understanding, Active, Passionate
Usability Testing, Maintanence & Issue Resolution

Product Go-To-Market

The preparations and tactics that launch and support successful products

Launch Planning

Launch planning includes all of the efforts made to prepare both the product and the supporting staff for successful introduction of the product to market.
Naked, Prepped, Deliberate, Enabled, Exploited
Product Positioning, Product Training


Marketing includes the application of a meaningful value proposition to a strategy that educates and converts existing and new customers.
Wishful, Hopeful, Intentional, Activating, Galvanizing
Marketing Plan, Value Proposition, Customer Acquisition, Evangelism & Thought Leadership

Sales & Support

Sales includes the organization's efforts to plan and manage the entire customer sales lifecycle, from lead to conversion to retention.
Nonexistent, Basic, Active, Growing, Soaring
Sales Plan, Sales Tools, Lead Conversion & Pre-Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention