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67% of product teams feel that a lack of resources and internal politics are limiting their ability to focus on the activities that drive their product forward.
58% don't spend enough time on their product roadmap
76% don't spend enough time talking to customers
80% don’t spend enough time running experiments

Product, engineering and business in harmony

ProductMaven offers product and business leaders the insights, tools and expert services to build a more customer-centric product organization.
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Work with an expert to tackle your resource challenges. Our network of independent experts can help with strategy, execution, go-to-market and organizational needs.

Our expertise in building great product teams and launching successful products allows you to:

Prepare to get the most out of your new product hire

Define the role and the ideal candidate to meet your current and future needs

Attract top talent -- especially the 83% not actively looking!

Identify high trajectory, highly motivated candidates

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Chris Rosenbaum

Cofounder & Business Strategy 

Chris has long focused on unlocking the potential of people in organizations. His experience includes a variety of start-up and corporate leadership posts, many in the field of education, with more recent roles ranging from M&A work to COO of a marketing firm. Chris has an MBA and MEM from Northwestern University.

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Ryan Troll

Cofounder & Product Strategy 

Ryan has built transformative teams throughout his career. His work has guided small businesses, large corporations, and massive non-profits, with leadership roles across customer experience, marketing, product and technology. Ryan graduated in engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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What sets ProductMaven apart is the fact that they take the time to understand your business so they can either validate that the solution you're requesting is the best one or they can suggest something better using tools you may not have considered yet
patrick serfass, coo (Technology Transition Corp)
"...a rare combination of vision, skills, and discipline to get your product across the finish line."
A talented team with great forward vision and energy! ProductMaven are partners that are truly vested in doing what is right for the client.
Bryan Piacentini, Director of growth (Capcenter)