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Flexible engagements from one week to six months as needed

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Rapid Team Growth
You’re entering a growth phase and need to double the size of your product team? We’ll prepare systems to manage the growth and lead your recruiting.
Whether it's your first Product Manager or a new VP of Product, we help design successful roles and lay the foundation needed to attract & land top talent.
Tech Transformation
Your traditional development process is stagnating. We'll design and execute a plan to reorganize you into a customer-centric, agile product organization.
Concept Execution
You have a promising product concept you need to build and bring to market? We’ll kickstart product development and build the team that will own it.
Example projects we've run:
Product Healthcheck
< 1 week

Includes: 1-2 days on-site or remote for stakeholder interviews; review of key documents, systems & processes; Product ROI report; hiring recommendations & plan.

Product Roadmap
~ 1 month

Plus: Full analysis & opportunity planning. Assessment of Product Operations, Talent and Strategic Alignment. Multiple days on-site, including mgmt workshop with prioritized recs & execution plan

Interim Head of Product
3 - 4 months

Plus: Execute and/or administer specified areas of roadmapping output. Can include: customer journey mapping,  implementation of product mgmt platform and processes, vendor review, introduce initial KPIs, hiring, etc.